Thanks and some action scripts

First of all, I would like to thank Florian for this absolutely amazing program: over the years, it has allowed me to tame my mp3 collection!

I have recently begun looking a bit more into the documentation, and have developed some action scripts; as a thank to Florian and the community, I'd like to post the more general purpose ones I've come up with here.

To install, copy the files to your %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\actions folder.

Unescape_URL_encoding_filename.mta (8.31 KB)

Guess_TrackNo.mta (96 Bytes)

Remove_accents.mta (1.41 KB)

And here are some more, although they're only useful if you deal with tags in Japanese.

Convert_alphanumerics_full_to_half_width.mta (4.07 KB)

Convert_kana_full_to_half_width.mta (6.06 KB)

Convert_kana_half_to_full_width.mta (6.06 KB)

One more for good measure - clean title: this is quite subjective, but I like having my track names without accents/symbols/emoji/brackets/etc.

Clean_Title.mta (1.32 KB)