Thanks! Cover art for 10,000 Mp3s sorted!

Been using MP3Tag for a long while, and recently decided I wanted to add cover art to each mp3 in my collection. However, I had no idea that MP3Tag could do it so spent too much time looking for a utility to do it. After not finding anything worth a second glance I turned to MP3Tag and actions. Heavens above, how simple could it be? Add an action, select the root folder and select all mp3s and choose Cover Art action. Walk away and come back later in the day (you have to be patient) and voila! All done. Many thanks!

Cheers, thanks a lot. This saved hours and hours and weeks probably :smiley:

FYI, the folder structure and naming in my mp3 library is like so:

Artists [Folder]

    +Artist Name [Folder]
            art.jpg (Hidden artist folder art)
                    +Year - Album Name [Folder]
                              Album name - track no. - track name.mp3 (filename)
                              folder.jpg (hidden album folder art)