Thanks & suggestion


Thanks for this program, I use it almost every day, my large library
of jazz concert recordings would be poorly archived without mp3tag...

I've also had some great help to construct an action for to import text files
into my Comment fields, based on the naming on folders and files.

I see now in the new beta version a button for looking up a text file
when constructing an action, this is very good but for me I usually
have an action based on
a. a set name like info.txt
b. a formula that creates an import based on the folder/file names

What I would like would be a button somewhere else, maybe in the
extended tag window, where I could import just one single txt file, for that
album. I don't want to make an action, just do a single import. This instead
of opening up the text file and copy/paste the text into my Comment field.

A good idea or not? Hope good...

Best wishes