I've been usng this software for a year or two and being a bit obsessive about making sure my music is tagged correctly, MP3 tag has been unbelievable in helping me do this.

I startted recently tagging all my files with album art, and was using several programs and fixes, workarounds and other solutions, and then I discovered this was something MP3 Tag could do by importing from files for me.

I just want to thank you for having the foresight and time to develop such a continually amazing piece of software, that every day seems to offer more flexibility and new solutions to overcome tagging.

I love it!!

Many, many thanks for all your hard work and effort you have put into this thing, it is much appreciated.

p.s if you ever turn your hand to making a photo tagging tool, I think you'd wipe the floor with all the poor paid for versions out there.


Thank you very much for this great, motivating feedback!

If I'd ever think about stopping this project, I'll simply come back to this post :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Yea, keep up the great work.
I can't live without your amazing software.

I found my self in exporting with mp3tag. :slight_smile:


I have to put in my word of thanks as well.

It is a software i use often, i must add that it is a very user-friendly ond smart piece of software.

Thanks very much for letting us all use it.

Keep up the good work.



I also have to say thank you.

This great program allows me to mantain a nice and tidy MP3 collection. And what's best of all, is that it's free! Keep up the amazing work.

Mp3Tag > the rest.


Agreed!!! Absolutely phenomenal software package. Was trying to use Winamp back in the or Itunes, or a collaboration of the two, and it was tiresome and tedious as hell. MP3Tag has saved me countless hours re-tagging my 200GB mp3 collection.

I can't even put into words how sweet it was the first few times i used it...

Great Work! and Keep it UP!