That time you realized you probably truly are insane

I dunno. Sometimes I come across something I jotted down somewhere in a text file, or a desktop notetaking app (ah la CherryTree or FlashNote). It's a long story why I kind of allude to the past vs now, but I was away from my Win PC for a long time, and just messed with Linux. In that time I've normalized (to some degree, at least). Getting older, etc.

Well, here's one such thing. Posted here, for obvious reasons. Sounds like a vamp on Blade Runner! Clearly I was poking fun at MediaMonkey for some reaons. smh.

ā€œI say unto thee, ladies and G's, Mayor McCheeze, Media Moncheekeys, heed now the prophecy!

I have witnessed Florian's Mp3Tag, walking on electrical impulses, at the speed of light-- with such effort to save my Soul... and my R & B, and Parliament, Led Zeppelin, and etc... and yet my quality of life only improves with awesome Playlists, complete w/ album images, and the whole nine! Groovy! How i rue my former way of the song db del Media-Monchee-chee. :-Pā€

I so want to post that on my personal blog, but i think it sounds like a crazy person!

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