The export tags feature fails for 55k files

have you got the library switched on?
have you checked those files for consistency where the crash happened?

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Well, the script worked at the very first time, now it's erratic. I notice as it scans through the 55k files, the created file size goes up and down, it's crazy.

What do you mean got the library switched on? How do I do that?

See Tools>Options>Library

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I think that is disabled, yes. Let me put it back on and see what happens.
Thank you

Btw, what does turning on the library does? Now I recall that I had never changed that setting, it'd been always that way.

The library helps MP3tag to handle large amounts of files.
55k could be close to the limit of the available address space if kept in the RAM.
Sorting a lot of files could also eat up the available RAM. So the library could help with it.

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That makes sense. it was hard to figure out what was going on here, but now I think I know.

It seems that after the first crash, all other attempts also fail, even if I select a smaller subset of the files. Other than that, I see no other explanation for the erratic behavior.

I closed and reopen mp3tag.

Still not working, it's only exported 125 files out of 7k that I attempted. Perhaps a computer restart is needed?

Yes, try whatever you think is useful to get a clean system.

However I wonder why it worked once, and now it's not.

It totally stopped working. It doesn't work after rebooting, it doesn't work with fewer files, it doesn't work enabling the library.
It seems it broke beyond repair.

I shouldn't have upgraded, this had never happened in the previous version, even with lots of files.

What has changed since you ran the script successfully, the last time?
Did you check the files for consistency?
Did you check your file system?
Do you have other programs that access the selected files at the same time?

I ask all these questions because I cannot reproduce the failure, I just tried your script successfully with 26857 files.
What I see is the "Exporting Tag Information" dialogue which sits there for some 15 seconds) and then the progress bar shows the current state.
So: apparently, MP3tag even with 3.06d runs your script, it works with a bigger quantity of files, it produces an output.
That is why I assume it has something to do with your local environment and it would be nice if you could supply some more evidence on top of

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Omg, I know right? I have no idea why it stopped working, and now even some basic Vbscript (that i created within SAS to execute with cscript and itunes) are failing, not sure if the problem is related.
I have no idea what causes these things to break, and am in the process of setting up a VM running Windows 10 and an older version of iTunes just to see if it would work, as the script is pretty simple.

I will keep trying and if I find the answer I will post an update here, it must be my environment, I already checked for viruses (but windows 10 is rare to get viruses.)

If it worked before and now it does not ... what has changed in the meantime?
I would still check the files for problems.
Here is a list of such tools.

Good point, I will try this for sure, who knows some rogue tag is making the whole thing crash. I have been replacing some non western characters (such as Cyrillic) from the file names since they don't work with ANSI encoded Vb scripts. There must be something to it.

On my environment nothing has really changed right before this export script started to fail (and the VB runs fine in iTunes, only it's not doing what it HAS to do, which is crazy.)

I just checked my programs list, and can see that I installed iTunes Folder Watch (an app that adds new files placed in a given folder to iTunes), and just before that, on april-9 I had installed version 3.06a of mp3tag.

There are no other major changes, just those. But let me run the integrity check on the tags, who knows.

I just learned how to use Mp3val, will run this on my entire library (55k, now 57k, thanks Vuze).
I just did a test on some files that don't play correctly, and found 3 of 27 have problems!

Thanks so much for this, it's very late, I will report my findings here tomorrow.

It didn't work. Circa 10% of my tracks (10k) had their tags fixed, however, that still didn't fix the issue with the export script, which continues to be erratic.

Also, my Vb scripts in itunes continue to fail (they run, but the expected actions don't happen, and this is the very first time I had this issue in a long time I've been using Vb scripts with itunes).

Another super annoying issue in itunes that might be related to this issue (just a guess though), is that when I close the pest, the pest reopens. I have to close it multiple times for the pest to stay put. How I hate Apple!!! Not saying everything is their fault, but iTunes for windows is simply a garbage, maybe their excuse is that Windows is not their cup of tea. But still, iTunes is the only program that hangs or crashes in Windows 10, no other program will crash and close (since the XP version, no program does that anymore).

I wonder what happened, the only possible explanation is the installation of iTunes folder watch.

I have a question, if I downgrade mp3tag to the previous version, would I lose all of the formulas that i built in the latest version?

No. Settings, actions, exports and so on are kept.
But I doubt that going back to an older version of mp3tag will solve your problem.
But by returning to an older version, where the export still worked, you could at least rule out Mp3Tag as a possible cause of the changed behavior.

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Actually, what should an older version of MP3tag change about your VB scripts and stuff?
Also, as I wrote:

So it is apparently not MP3tag and not your script ...
And if you suspect iTunes folder watch, I would uninstall that and see what happens.

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