The Length Tag/Column no longer shows the time anymore. It is blank

Windows 10
Mp3Tag: v3.12

I don't know what I did, but I was moving the length Tag/Column to the left, then it disappeared. When I right-click the head bar to bring it back up again, it's not there. When I go into, 'Customize Column', the Length option isn't there either. I tried to make the Length Tag/Column again by clicking the 'New' button, but I don't know how to use the, 'Value' 'Field' and 'Sort by' boxes. I don't know where to put the "%length%" option? When I do it myself, the time does not appear in the boxes anymore. What do I do?

I looked in the community to see if anyone had this problem, didn't find anything.

Help 3

Enter %_length% in "Value".
Leave "Field" empty.

If you have files with the user-defined field %length% (without underscore) then you can safely delete this field as it is a user-defined field that has nothing to do with the actual length.

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It Works!
Thanks bro. Appreciate it.

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