The line feed code would change unintentionally

I'm sorry in poor English.

The line feed code would change unintentionally when use Replace function.

I am Japanese, so we and Japanese singers/musicians often use Double-byte space for lyrics.
But I don't like to use Double-byte space. Because of the bad appearance.
Then I used MP3TAG Actions function for some M4A files. (Actions > Actions > New > Name > New > Replace)
Field:UNSYNCEDLYRICS , Original: (Double-byte space), Replace with: (space)

Replacing was success.
But I noticed that the line feed code has changed when I listen to them using foobar2000.
I hope that I do not want to change the line feed code when use Replace function.

Does anyone know how to solve this?
Looking forward to your response. Thank you.

Using Applications: iTunes, Lyrics Master (tool of auto search and auto embed lyrics), foobar2000, and this MP3Tag(ja-JP) @Windows7 x64(ja-JP)

Line feed codes are $chr(13)$chr(10). (0D, 0A in hex)
So you would have to take the trouble to check a file with a hex editor whether it has the line breaks in the tags prior to the replace action and what they look like after the replace.
What does the filed UNSYNCEDLYRICS look like in MP3tag?
In general replacing blank-blank with blank shouldn't mess up the line breaks.
or did the mp3 tools you mentioned have a window size that would accidentally cause a line wrap with the double blanks ...