The main edit bar disapperead

I accidentally messed up something with the mouse and now part of the edit bar disappeared

how do I add it again ?
I clicked in the view menu on "Main bar" but nothing happen

v 2.51


If View > Tool bar is ticked then the tool bar should be there somewhere - it could be detached from the main window but will always stay on top.
Once you have found the bar, press on the blank strip right next to the save-disk-symbol and drag the bar back to the desired position. THere release the mouse button.

For your search: it is possible to move the tool bar to the very edge of the desktop but a little bit of the frame will still be visible. You can grab that piece of frame to move the tool bar back to desired position.

And if all this fails, it may be an alternative to delete/rename the file mp3tag.cfg

thanks for your nice reply, but I had to delete the cfg file

Because such circumstances can always occur once again, especially if someone work with two monitors, and afterwards only with one monitor, I recommend that an option can be set in the Mp3tag options for 'automatic collection or re-arranging of dialog windows' for the next time, when Mp3tag starts.