The new library feature

Hello Florian,

tested the new library feature with 80.000 song files from external hard disk.
That really speeded up read time from one hour to only five minutes. Great!
In the past, when opening the 80.000 song files mp3tag aborted with an out of memory alert.
I have 6GB memory and Windows 10.
The old temp file from mp3tag was around 4GB.
The library file now is around 3.3GB an reside on the system drive.
It would be a pity to lose it by hardware faults or if the system is broken and you have to reinstall the OS. With the old principle separate your data from your system and save the data from time to time, it would nice if the library file could reside on a different drive.

So my question for a feature is: Could the location of the library file made to set manually.



The library gets rebuilt from the actually read files. So a loss of the library would only mean that you loose the quicker reading, when you read the files again for the first time after the library was lost.
As long as you do not loose the audio files themselves, you are on the safe side.