THE STUPID ÿ Character

Hello I only found out about this software about an hour ago and wonder if its capable of:

Removing ÿ from mp3s that have ÿ in any part of their tags.

The reasoning is for some reason Rio Music Manager has taken it upon its self to stick the aforementioned ÿ into various placed and I don't know why!

So yeah is there a way to make it go though all my mp3's looking for the ÿ and removing it?

Thank you


Sorry about posting before using the program I thought it would be hard to do. Brilliant Program just great

The reason, as so often, might have been an application that didn’t understand UTF encoding.

Solution: Set Tag Read/Write options as per your needs (in that case probably Write ID3v2.3 with ISO-8859-1 encoding), resave tags, done.