The System cannot find the specified path.

Does anyone know what is causing this? I want to make a folder inside a folder... and this action has worked for me perfectly in the past, but now I always get this error?

I checked if the files are read only, and they aren't... It seems like it is adding a \ at the end? But why???

You could check that yourself easily if the backslash at the end causes the trouble. And if you have found that it does - it does not really matter why, right? It is just windows conventions.

Also you should check the total path length (incl. filename): this must not exceed 254 characters.

How do I check? It isn't in my action?

And it's not the length because its find if I do it manually.

Have you counted the path-length, including drive letter, all the dots and stuff? Every character counts. And you have to consier the filenames as well.
(As I said: it's the windows conventions)
Also: if you are not sure that the fields may contain illegal characters, use the $validate() function to remove them

My fill path is X:\H[WHAT I AM NAMING] so i don't think that is the issue...

How do I do that?

if the mask you supplied with
%artist%\%artist% - %year% - %album%
is what you want to name the directory and you want to to validate the individual strings then use:
$validate(%artist%)$validate(%artist% - %year% - %album%)
in that format value action.

that moved my files, but... i have no idea where...

edit: i found them. it moved them to x:\ for some reason and didn't put them in a folder... ahh I don't understand why this isn't working because i have been using this for years, and it just these past few months that it has been doing this to me.

Perhaps you can add a user-defined column that shows you what the result of the mask would be.
Put that, what you use as format string as "Value" for the column definition. (Leave the fields field and sort by empty).
This may show you where the error occurs