The UNSYNCEDLYRICS are invisible in the meta data

The UNSYNCEDLYRICS are invisible in the meta data view by logciels like winamp, mediamonkey ... Why? Yet they are well recorded in Mp3tag. Furthermore they are not as readable as Minilyrics plugins.

Check the media files and the version of the stored tag type ... ID3v2.3 ... or ... ID3v2.4.
Make sure to use the tag version, which is compatible with each other software application.
Today the most compatible tag type version is ID3v2.3.


Thank you for your reply. Could you show me your settings with screenshots?

If you have not changed the colum definition of the file list, you may scroll right to see which tags are in the files and which are displayed.
If the column is missing then either enable it again or create a new one with this contents for
VALUE: %_tag_read%[ (%_tag%)]
(leave FIELD empty)

  • Lesen
    • [_] APE
    • [x] ID3v2
    • [x] ID3v1
  • Schreiben
    • [_] APEv2
    • [x] ID3v2
      • (_) ID3v2.4 UTF-8
      • (x) ID3v2.3 UTF-16
      • (_) ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1
      • [_] ID3v2 nur wenn ID3v1 zu klein
    • [_] ID3v1
  • Entfernen
    • [x] APE
    • [_] ID3v2
    • [x] ID3v1


I have check the tag and I did my settings. I realized that by writing well against the words on. Mp3 files but not on my flac.. Is this normal? By cons I have on my mp3 files this. XXX|| at the beginning of my words. Why and how to remove them?

Don't remove it. The xxx stands for a neutral language identifier. Otherwise you would only see the lyrics if your system language settings match the identifier in the file.

Read there ...

The language identifier can be a string defined by ISO 639 ("deu", "eng", "fra" and so on).
"xxx" is the undefined language identifier string.

Mp3tag uses the "|" pipe symbol as a visible surrogate character for the invisible binary null value.
Therefore Mp3tag is able to support the USLT structure ...
Language|Content descriptor|Lyrics text

Note: There can be more than one USLT frame in a ID3v2 tag, but only one with the same language and content descriptor.

For interoperability between tagger or player applications you should verify whether the other applications do follow the ID3v2 standard or not.


Ok, I understand, but at the tag UNSYNCEDLYRICS, whys does is it not in the files .flac? In the tag, it strikes me as a tag FLAC (FLAC) but still no visible lyrics by other programs.

Google is your friend.
You must not have ID3 tags and FLAC tags in the file at the same time (apparently EAC does that).
The field for FLAC files is apparently called LYRICS.
I cannot guarantee for any of this as I have no flacs.

Ok, so if someone FLAC, can he tell me how he displays these Lyrics.

Probably you will find an answer in the topics there ...

If you want to display the content of a tag-field in the Mp3tag Tag-Panel, then use the dialog "Mp3tag/Extras/Options/Tag-Panel" and define a multi-line edit field.
Name: L&yrics:
Multiline: yes