Hi all,

First time poster and web source script writer here. I was trying to find something to tag a few re-encodings of some Blu-Ray movies I have and ran across Mp3tag. I dismissed it at first thinking it would do audio tagging only but even though some of the UI is tailored for music, it was still flexible enough to deal with movies.

I didn't need much metadata and was primarily looking for something that would embedded a movies poster (album art?) into my MP4 files. I ended up writing a web source that adds title, release year and good quality art from has a web API but even though that would be the ideal, more future proof route, I didn't want to bother with opening an account and applying for a API key so I went for a web scraping solution this time around.

Here it is: Web Source Script Search By: Title Imports: Title, Year, Cover/Poster Art (1.24 KB)
I hope this will be helpful to somebody else. (1.24 KB)

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