There is a way which you can copy just a certain id3 field from various mp3's and then paste this filed into another mp3 files?

I didn't succeed to paste just a certain field without getting all the other fields replaced.

Bunch of thanks for who can help me solve this problem!

This is not something you can do in mp3tag. Copy paste affects all over writing the previous tags.

Format action is the only way to transcribe tags.

Although, foobar2000 can copy selected tags and paste like you request.

I hate to say it but I've needed to use mp3tag less since switching from iTunes to fb2k. Although, I still :heart: it.

It does not work with copy&paste.
You would have to write an export script, export the data from the source files then import it to the target files.
Or you use the tag panel or extended tags dialogue where you fill just one field at a time.

Maybe this should be made into request?

Maybe if the user would hold CTRL + ALT + C and the CTRL + V, only data from one field would first copied and then pasted? That field that was hovered upon in Columns or the active field in Tag Panel [depending where the mouse pointer / focus was]?

If you like. But it's been asked countless times. Florian might be a fb2k user as he's on their forum so maybe he's not too fused if this is introduced.

If I was still using horrid iTunes then I'd be all up for it. But it's 50/50 for me.

For anyones info: In fb2k it's 5 steps.

I think that copying text from one field (in edit mode) is already possible.
Press F2 to get into edit mode.
The whole contents is selected.
Press Ctrl-C to copy.

You are now free to select as many files and paste the data.

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Yes, it's already on my list for the release after v2.87. I'll most likely not add a magic keyboard combination, but instead introduce a right-click menu for individual fields that are selected in the extended tag dialog.

@stevehero, even if you're not going to use it so often anymore, I wanted to let you know that your post here made me liking that idea.

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Would be nice down the road to have similar to foobar2000.

Yeah, I think it's a winner. People will love it and it'll make life easier for people that are green to the program.

I do still use it a lot but not compared to when I used iTunes.

Thanks so much Florian :orange_heart:

You can now copy, cut, and paste individual fields at the extended tag dialog with the latest development build Mp3tag v2.90b.


Thanks a bunch for doing this. I've been waiting for this feature for a while now since it will make tagging my enormous number of Classical discs a lot easier. I seem to be having trouble making it work though. For example, let's say I want to select 5 tracks from 1 album, copy all 5 titles and paste them to another album. What I do is I select 5 tracks from album 1, go to extended tags, choose the titles tag and copy it. I then go to album 2, select 5 tracks, go to extended tags and paste but nothing happens.

This is definitely one limitation of the feature, where every entry which is displayed as < keep > at extended tags will also be copied as such, i.e., the data in the target file is also kept.

I never used this feature before because I did not need it in daily use. Now I found this thread because I stumbled over the same problem.

Now I wanted to use it because I had to copy the lyrics of 1 album to another one, the source an older album, the destination a new remastered boxset that contains that album. Because not all other tags are equal between source and destination I intended to use this feature.

I am a little bit perplexed because at the moment I can't imagine another task for that feature than selecting several files, copy 1 tagfield and paste it to the fitting selection of other files.

Maybe I don't see the forest for the trees but what can this feature with it's current limitation do for me that cannot be done with normal c&p or setting equal content in the tag-panel?