This is a great Tag Editor, Thak you.


I just found about this "Mp3tag" two days ago and it suck me into it.

My media directory realy needed this care and I couldn't do it unless this great Editor.
So thank you Florian and who ever else help in developing and maintain this furom.

Two more things:

  1. Is it possible to Enable the option of holding the "Ctrl" while opening directory and open muliple
    directories at once? (The Subdirectories box doesn't help in this case)

  2. I used the "Mp3tag/help/main_scripting.html" while scripting but there are missing function that

    I found about in the forum after long seeking. (For example the $reverse)
    Is it posible to uptade it.


Thanks for the nice feedback!

Unfortunately, this is a Windows dialog which doesn't offer multiple selections.

I've missed that one. Thanks for pointing.

Best regards,



If you select your directories in windows explorer you can then right-click and open them all in mp3tag at the same time. You can also drag and drop multiple files or directories from explorer into mp3tag holding the ctrl key too. Cool hey!