This is the best software...but...


First of all I just want to personally thank the developers for building this amazing product. It has helped me bring my music collection into a consolidated format.

Second, was a suggestion for a future build (unless there is away I can do it now)???

My music collection is organised like so:

My Music / Artist / Year - Album name / Track Number - Artist - Track Name.mp3

Basically each album is contained within an Artist folder and is named by the year of release and the album name i.e:

2007 - Raising Sands

I can't see a way of renaming the album folder containing the tracks with MP3Tag. I did use Smart MP3 renamer before but the features were pants next to MP3Tag. However, the thing it did very well was allow you to name the folder that contained the tracks in a similar way to creating a playlist with MP3Tag.

Is this possible? Or maybe it could be considered a future addition?

Thanks again for the outstanding product.


I just found this

Click Tools > Options > Actions (or click the Action toolbar button) or Alt + T
Click the New icon
Enter a name for the action - eg: Rename folder
Action window pops up
Click the New icon
Select Action type - format value & Click OK
Select Field _DIRECTORY
%artist% - %album% (%year%) [%_extension%] << problem here [] don't appear. must be a reg ex thing.
Click OK, OK
Click the Actions button , ensure the tick mark is ON for rename folder and click OK to rename the folder..
The folder should be renamed using the info already stored in the tags.

eg: Lil_Mo-Pain_And_Paper-R&B[]


Lil' Mo - Pain & Paper (2007) [mp3]

Whoops ... found there nothing than a defect web page address.

See help file/scripting functions:
[]$% You have to put the single quote around these reserved characters if you want to use them unparsed.

Sorry, what's your question, please?
Can you say it in other words?