Three Senerios... newbie


:smiley: Anyone have time 2 work out some Problems in Tagging??? I've got approx 1200 albs DL'd over the past few years and want to straighten out the tagging... (make it consistant)

There are about three different senerios i need help with ... I've spent about 2 hours with Mp3tag and have not been able to accomplish enough to think i know the short cuts .... I spent two hours looking at tagging proggies before selecting Mp3tag as the best proggie for my needs.... I've got free Long distance in the us so maby 30-40 minutes phone time could wrap up the learning curve on what I've got to do. I'll donate fat $ in your name and or make avail extensive music file whatever, time is money.......... any help appreciated!!!
comments sugestions???

Where's the avatar option???


uh maybe just tell us what u want to achieve and what your conditions are?