Through the Quick Action Menu of mp3tag my export of the cover to the web server is certain

As the Prints of the Attachments that I am sending I did it right in the mp3tag when clicking on quick action and then export album cover to file and on the server as shown in the other image I did it right by placing the image file on the streaming server of the panel voxstream or it would have to be on the server where the player will receive the cover image

I await and thank you in advance

Luiz - Brazil

I do not see any attachment.
You can specify a fully qualified filename (the one with drive, folder and filename) when you export images.
As that folder is specific to your player, I cannot tell you where to put the exported images - this would be a question for the support forum of the player.

Oops I'm sorry I forgot to send the attachments but the attachments I mentioned are those of the links below -

attachment 1 -
attachment 2 -

and one of the attachments shows how I set up the export in mp3tag and the other attachment shows the way I posted on the server where my streaming video panel is. I wanted to ask if I published correctly and if I did this step correctly in mp3tag

and the link below is where the player is located where the personalized tags are appearing on the mp3tag that is on another provider, the site hosting and not the utf8 streaming en

I hope I have clarified my question now and if you have a solution on how to put the cover to display in the online player, thank you in advance

regards Luiz - Brazil

as @ohrenkino already said it's best to ask this question IMHO to the maker of the Online Player. Mp3tag is only to add information to a MP3 (and many other supported files) and is not a player.

For example:

When I get a song (mp3) I edit the file in mp3tag (add artwork etc) and then afterwards play it in my Player which is iTunes.

Sorry again, I don't have the solution as you question aims at the functions and features of that particular player.
You would have to research there which reqirements you have to meet. And once you know these, you can come back and ask how to fulfill the requirements with MP3tag (the program - this forum is not in general about tags in mp3 files).
I would still assume that if you publish tracks on that player you would have to supply a local link to the picture file or there you would have to specify which picture you would like to get linked or you have to use a special name for the picture file. Or the player generates the displayed picture from the embedded pictures. But all this has nothing to do with MP3tag.