Tick box to clear all errors

My apologies if this is not the right place to request new features.

When dealing with 1000's of files and an error/message appears, it takes as many clicks to clear it as the number of files it appears for.

Could multiple messages have a tick box to agree to "all"

thank you in advance

It would be relatively interesting to know what kind of manipulation leads to a thousand errors when dealing with a thousand files.
AFAIK: you get an error collector when covers should be imported.
If you manipulate the filename, though, it could be that you get an OS error message, one for each file and that is handed through to MP3tag.
And IMHO such a message should be an alarm that something is going terribly wrong with my intended modification.
But let's see what the conditions are under which so many error messages pop up.

simplest example is if files are missing from original source. User is not aware and tries to delete them via mp3tag interface = error for each file missing.

Yeah, as I said: the OS returns an error for each unsuccessful call.

To refresh a list, perhaps prior to deleting files with the help of MP3tag, press F5.
And: which process deletes files that are currently loaded into MP3tag leaving the user unaware of the fact that the files are not there any more?!

its a big decision to refresh when you are editing 300-400 thousand files on a NAS via WiFi :wink: Before the cable lovers attack me - none of my LAN connected devices have enough RAM and only my MacBook Air does which I don't have my LAN dongle here.