Tilde sign


I need to put some unusual sign into track tag of some of my files. Tilde ~ would be perfect; or even better, a double tilde ~~

But I remember that ~ was showing up in DOS, when I was copying Windows files [with longer set of characters that 8+3]. So ~ back then ment error or some approximate value or whatever

So I'm wondering, if it's vise to put ~ in any tag. Could this influence somehow whole tag field or other tags of a file with this sign? I guess that in most cases ~ would not show up on a most of LCD display- but is not my concern. I'm only afraid of putting some weird combination into tag, that when moved or copied will crash other tags [make them unreadable]

Any insight will be much appreciated

Learn more about the Tilde from there ...

From the gut, I would say, the tilde sign ~ is one of the safest symbols.


I started back then using a ~~ combination and to this day I do not see any glitches