Is there anyway i can edit TIME and TSIZ ?? Cause i used to edit them with this programm, but the latest version wont reconize them anymore... As far as I got it, they are unsupported ID3v2 tags.. but I really need them for my flash projects.

The SIZE-frame is a deprecated frame when you use ID3v2.4.
You can add an action which formats the field like this:

Field: SIZE
Value: $sub(%_file_size_bytes%,%_tag_size%)

SIZE is Filesize in bytes-tagsize (prepended, appended or both tags)

TLEN is not so easy to format. But you can use
Value: $mul(%_length_seconds%,1000)

This is not the real length, as this doesn't count the milliseconds!!!

Is there anyway to view and edit those tags? :frowning: Cause this version, don't allow me to SEE them.. I really need to implement those, cause the ID3 comes to my player at start, so i can know the size and the milliseconds of the file.

Select a file. Then press [ALT]+[T] and you are in the advanced tag-editor. Click on thie first upper-symbol right of the taglist and then you get another form with a select-box and a textbox.
Type IN THE SELECTBOX one of the following strings:

After that enter a dummy-value in the textbox and click two times on OK. After that the tags are added in the list and then you can create the action to automatically format the values.
(Hope it's not that hard to understand) :slight_smile:

No... sorry i didnt explain myself well.. i got it how to make an action, but old MP3 i edited before with TIME and SIZE (which Flash 8 reads as TSIZ) cant be edited anymore... and i cant see them in this new version.




The first shot is the MP3tag program which i used to edit ID3 and add TIME and SIZE, but now when i open them, they don't show, but they are there... (I had to use another program to see them... but i still can edit them)

Not sure if I'm clear.

You're clear.
The frames TSIZ and TIME are not supported.

By the way TIME should refer to the recording date and not the length of the file.

Opsss... :frowning: That's bad... Is there anyhow i could get very old versions?

Here's an old one:

:frowning: Still dont work... Thank you all tho...