Time Display


Having one track (which is a track obtained by concatenating a live album is its entirety) whom length is longer than one hour, I can't do a correct sorting based on time : time is correctly displayed (01:17:26), but, in place of considering it as one hour, 17 minutes and 26 seconds, it considers it as one minute, 17 seconds and 26 hundredths of second, resulting in placing it in a false place when doing a sort upon time! Displaying time in seconds changes nothing : 4646 is displayed but lenghts longer than 3600 (one hour) are not correctly displayed too! It seems only the three first digits are used.

Have I missing something in the options, or is it a bug? I use the 2.46a version.




I do not have any problem with sorting on duration.
See attached screenshot of some unprocessed complete live files.


Following picture shows how to set the column in Mp3tag list view ...