Timeout needed when downloading cover art

Hi here,

I think a timeout should be added when external resources are downloaded.
After 5 minutes I had to kill Mp3Tag because it was stuck while downloading a cover art.


I've checked the implementation and it uses a timeout of 120 seconds. Is this something that's happening repeatedly of was this a one-time occurrence of this issue?

It happens every time I use a specific song with the Discogs Artist + Title option. It may be that the problem is a missing cover art with the couple Artist + Title. So nothing to download.

Can you give an example query for me to reproduce?

Ok, but don't judge me LOL

Dargen D'Amico
Ubriaco di te

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OK, thank you! It's definitely taking longer than 120s and I'll look into that.

P.S. You can always press Esc to cancel the operation.

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I've just released Mp3tag for Mac v1.5.2 which fixes the issue where the progress dialog didn't close when querying Tag Sources and none of the results had cover art.

Thanks for reporting!

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