Tips for mp3tag to optimize on macOS thru WINE?

I installed the latest mp3tag through on El Capitan - works great.
Though I noticed the rendering of the columns, when you want to drag 'nd stretch a column like Genre bigger, it gets wonky.

It disappears in total, though it's enabled with the checkbox.
When I close mp3tag and start again, it shows such column with minimal width, and then manually try to adjust its size, which sometimes work.
Also the rendering seems to get off if you dragged some columns to a certain width, but now the headers are out of place.
It seems to update the rendering ok, when you slide the bottom scrollbar to the right or left.

Since the mp3tag official bundles are gone on by now, I hope you can guide us @Florian - how to optimize some WINE settings to get the best experience out of mp3tag.

Subscribed to mp3tag for macOS, tried it, functions correctly so far, but lacking features at the moment (like merge duplicate fields) hence I still want to use mp3tag through WINE.

I just requested to update the built-in script for to fetch the latest version of mp3tag ten minutes ago, for easier install :slight_smile:

Somehow installing the latest by d/ling mp3tag from the site to open with PlayOnMac v4.3.4 (to be used with anything older than Catalina) works correct, but using Catalina and PlayOnMac v4.4.1 (latest atm) results in a crash.
Hence I think the script is still needed.

Also tried to use PlayOnMac v4.3.4 on Catalina, but won't open after installing, so that's not an option.