Tips for Triggering Actions With One Key

I would like to share with the forum my experience looking for quick ways to expedite my editing workflow by relying on keyboards with macro capabilities to trigger actions with one single keystroke

Organizing Actions
I have organized my actions by different categories, depending on which fields I am targeting. The picture below provides an illustration. Each category has a hot key assigned. The scheme is go to from 0-9 and then start with a-z. That will allow to have 36 categories. Within each category the actions have a hot key that follows the same name scheme. For instance to replace numbers with spaces in the Title field I would press Alt+A 1 0. The hotkey and grouping is defined when naming the action. The action to Replace Number With Spaces in the Tile group is defined as
&1-Title#&0-Replace Parenthesis And Content With Space. See the screenshot below. The important thing is to use this naming convention to put actions into groups that reflect your workflow. The actions that are not use frequently do not need to have a hotkey next to them. For instance Replace Track With Space does not have a hot key assigned. Once the actions are organized into groups, we are ready for the next step.

Triggering Actions - Attempt #1
My first attempt to trigger actions with one single key was using the Logitech G19S programmable keyboard. It has 3 groups of 12 programmable keys that allows for 36 commands. This works very well and other than having to occasionally press 2 keys in order to change groups, it was sufficient for a while. If you have any programmable keyboard you can use this method to optimize how to trigger actions.

Triggering Actions - Attempt #2
I came across an IOS application named keypad. In combination with a TightVNC it can send commands to your computer from a keyboard you have designed with buttons, pictures, etc. The cost of this application was around US$4.99 if my memory is correct. You can design multi-page keyboards in your iphone or ipad to reflect very complex workflows. See Picture below. My keyboard layout still work in progress, but it is clear to me this solution has a lot of potential.

This solution has improved my workflow considerable and allows me to use the mouse and a IPAD to trigger actions with one keystroke.

If anyone is experimenting with automation solutions for Mp3tag, i would love to hear what you are doing.


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