Title and artist tags will not save! :(

Hello! I recently downloaded MP3tag to fix artist and title tags in my music library.
I edited the titles and artist info and saved but when I opened the folder all the changes were gone. After opening the files again in MP3tag the tags would still be there.
I changed permission settings and looked into a whole bunch of stuff and I think the problem is with the files themselves potentially due to the downloader I used? I can change file info through mp3tag even if it's set to read only.

I am able to edit the tags of other files that were not from this downloader perfectly fine with windows and mp3tag. However, not ALL the songs downloded from there are like that. Some of them do allow me to edit through windows and mp3tag.
I've also noticed that my music player has extracted tag info from filenames of other songs however not the few I'm unable to edit. The songs I cannot edit load with no value under tag at all and when I change the artist and title in mp3tag the tag comes out as ID3v2.3. After editing these files in mp3tag they will not play and seem corrupted or something?

I was wondering if there might be any way to correct this issue through mp3tag?
Or if anyone has any sort of insight, I'd love not to have to replace everything and I don't have much knowledge on this!

Thanks so much!

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If you have doubts about the integrity of your files, then check them with one or more of the following utilities: mp3val, mp3diags, foobar2000.
This should be the first step.
After that, it would be nice if you could tell which program does not show you any tag data, e.g. the Windows Explorer used to ignore V2.4 tags.
These are the knobs and button that you can twiddle first of all.

I have the same problem with v.2.89a. The title does save (based on filename) but none of the other tags save. Is it possible to go back to 2.87?

Please check the settings in File>Options>Tags>Mpeg which tag type you read, write and delete.
Also check the tag types in your files. Esp. if you find APE tags in one of the settings (except for delete) or in the files then be very suspicious.

Thanks - I'm using mp3 files. I've tried various options under File>Options>Tags>Mpeg but the tags will still not save. Other suggestions?

You would have to tell a little more in detail, what tags you have in the files and which settings you use.
In general, MP3tag works. So it has to be something specific on your side.
If you are not sure what would be useful, supply a screendump of the the extended tags dialogue for a single file that does not save and a screendump of the options dialogue for File>Options>Tags>Mpeg.
It is not very likely that just one tag field (out of many in a tag) should be saved and the others don't.

Edit: Or could it be that you have a typo in the field name, like TITEL instead of TITLE or ALBUM ARTIST instead of ALBUMARTIST OR ARTSIT?
Check the extended tags dialogue and see if you find fields with non-standard names.