Title and file name are %artist% - %title% - %album%

I have made a big mistake and managed to copy the file name of all my music files (over 6000 of them) to the %TITLE% tag. This means that the title of all my music is %ARTIST% - %TITLE% - %ALBUM% for example the title tag is now ELO - Mr. Blue Sky - Out Of The Blue.

Any way I can just take what is the middle word between the " - "'s and make that the title tag?

Please help as I really have screwed it up and don't have any other copies of my music collection.


You can use the action of the type "Guess value" (import tag field) for the field %TITLE%
Enter as import string: %ARTIST% - %TITLE% - %ALBUM%

This should move the data back to the names fields.
If the date in ARTIST and ALBUM are still OK, then use the following import string:
%dummy% - %TITLE% - %dummy%

Wow! that worked perfectly, I now have my titles back. Thank you so much.


Hey ohrenkino,

I am having a problem which is I think is similar to one you recently solved.

I am trying to take part a files tag information and apply it to another field.
The title looks like this: DJ Curious – Making Love. (artist - title)

Is there either way to cut or copy the artist info from the title and apply it to another field?

Hope I've explained that well enough. I'm new to this forum thing.

I think you have to slighly change what orenkino did.
source %TITLE%
target %ARTIST% - %TITLE%

Please give a real example.