Title field not available in Tag - Tag field list

I am trying to rename the title field of a bunch of files.
So in the menu CONVERT i select option TAG - TAG.
Then in the window that shows up, in the FIELD dropdown i try to select the Title field, but it is not there...
Is this a bug ? All fields that i can imagine are there related to the album, artist, etc. etc.
But the Title field is not in the dropdown box.

Am i missing something ?
Can somebody help me ?

The format string field is clear to me, i know how to use the variables to change the title, but i need to select the title field first in the Field: dropdown box....

In the past, this problem could be solved by executing the menu option "Reset fields ..." from the [>] context menu.

Otherwise write the text string "TITLE" (without quotes) into the "Field" edit box, then by closing the dialog with "OK" it should be entered to the dropdown list.


Well, it should be there and as long as I use MP3Tag it has been there.
Did you really scroll down to the letter T - The dropdown-list ist sorted alphabetica order.

Anyway - you can just write it yourself. You are not restricted to the tags in the dropdown list.

No the field is not there, see the screenshot.
However, i clicked the arrow on the side of the Field: dropdown and clicked Reset Fields and guess what, it shows up now.
I think this is a minor bug...

Issue Solved for me, thanks all !