title in search with Beatport script

Hi guys, i'm italian boys , and thx you for the hard work in script. But i have a question. pls, help me:

Why if the title of the track is different from the album name, i haven't result with the script.

The result wich are back is Artist, Release, Released, Label, Catalog. I have try to modify the script, in parseScriptIndex i have add:


findinline "<name>"
sayuntil "</"
say "|"

But nothing do.

If i search "Alex Kenji - My Oscar".....(artis+title), lot of result; the album is "No Matter What They Say". If i search "Alex Kenji No Matter What They Say" (is also a song) the result is perfect.

Can u help me to understand which i do modify in the script? If is possible, of course. Is more boring search the exact title with beatport on browser and than point the script with the name of album.

Thank's a lot, and sorry for my poor english.....bye bye.


I use this: [SearchBy]=$repl($regexp($regexp($regexp($if2($regexp(%albumartist%,^(va|various artists|v.a.)$,VA,1),%artist%),The (.),$1,1),''s( |$),$1,1), (feat.+| ft.+|presents|pres|and|vs|w/|+|/|&). , ,1),',',) $regexp(%title%, feat.+| ft.+| pres.+| and.+| vs.+| .|.| (Original Mix)| &|(|),)

what script are you talking about?
stevehero's beaport script?

Yes, stevehero's script. Is possible search in beatport the title of the track instead the album? For the right target when the album is different from the title.

I hope for this.....

I have tried to change part of the script in the ParserScriptIndex, inverted released date with released name, and the result is inverted....this is the right place for add info.....no?

I will upload the v1.1 of the script tomorrow when I get a chance. It will include the 'title' search you requested.

Let me start off by saying I am sorry to hi-jack this thread...

Stevehero, I joined this forum because I noticed you use mp3tag in conjuction with Traktor.

I am trying to edit some tags for Traktor 2, but some of the fields do not update. I was hoping to be able to work with you to see if you have had the same problems. Also, maybe I can get a couple of workflow ideas from you. I am starting a fresh collection in traktor, and want to have everything nice and tidy as I import songs again.

I tried Pm'ing you, but I guess you have it disabled, or I do not yet have the privileges to do so.

You're help will be greatly appreciated.


Miami, Fl.

There are few minor things that Traktor does differently to iTunes for e.g. write tags in ID3v2.4 whereas iTunes only handles ID3v2.3. So I save my tags in 2.3 and as soon as I play them in Traktor there converted to 2.4. I did save them in 2.4 BUT win 7 does not support them so i reverted back.

I say this because iTunes is where I do ALL of my organising, smart playlists, playlist etc. but read this thread carefully. Hope it helps.

Any further questions you have you can start a new thread and I can answer them over there.

I also have a beatport script you might be interested in here.

You can't mail me? I've received mails recently. :huh: But as I said start up a new thread and I'll get a notification of any new ones so you wont go unnoticed :smiley:

Many thank's stevehero, your script is diamond for me. I'm little nob in programming script, but have the possibility to do test.....I would like to thank you...


Ok, i watch another script for beatport, of course your already know, beatport 1.5 wich search the track.....I try to extract the correct part for implement in stevhero script....where i do read for studing scripting and do that? here: https://docs.mp3tag.de/scripting. Only this?

I would understand, not want just this.....pls help me......

I'have just modified your script steve (sorry for that, but is perfect for me now (your name is always presents)), and i would add the track goal in result (target)

Sorry for my stupid english, but when i went at school (20 years old), I thought alone to the girls.....stupid men..... :frowning:

The help page for Web sources framework is https://docs.mp3tag.de/tag-sources

The code to search title is on the line

[SearchBy]=$trim($regexp($regexp($repl($regexp(%title%,'(\[).*(\]).*',), (Original Mix), , (OM), ,&, ,-, ,., ,/, ,:, ,", ,!, ,?, ,',', ,_, ,   , ,  , ), (feat.+|ft.+|web|cd *\d*|vinyl|ep|e p ) *$,,1), (feat.+|ft.+|web|cd *\d*|vinyl|ep|e p ) *$,,1))

See my title script here Beatport_by__stevehero_Search_by_Titl_e.zip (3.06 KB)

Beatport_by__stevehero_Search_by_Titl_e.zip (3.06 KB)

The code to search title is on the line

[SearchBy]=$trim($regexp($regexp($repl($regexp(%title%,'(\[).*(\]).*',), (Original Mix), , (OM), ,&, ,-, ,., ,/, ,:, ,", ,!, ,?, ,',', ,_, ,   , ,  , ), (feat.+|ft.+|web|cd *\d*|vinyl|ep|e p ) *$,,1), (feat.+|ft.+|web|cd *\d*|vinyl|ep|e p ) *$,,1))


Yes, this extract the title from tag, but not search online.....if the %title% is different to %album% no result found......Correct?



thx for the help until this point......now i try whit more info...

Unusual...have a good day.....

I'm not sure what you mean here. I have attached the script to search the title in the above post of mine if that's what you want? In my original scripts there is:

  • Direct by WWW(URL)
  • Search by Release
  • Search by (Album)Artist + Release
  • Search by (Album)Artist + Title

So thats basically ALL the search functions you could possibly need.

This has no bearing on the search of beatport (See below).

This is what this line does. It previews the various things you relate to your track by.

I'm getting slightly confused though. Do you want this to show the title and not the album. If so these scripts are not built like this and I have no intention to make any for this task if possible as I haven't looked into it enough.

Ok, well....(i try to do to understand, sorry for the example, but is much more efficently of my english, i belive in this).

If you search "Alex Kenji My Oscar".....(artis+title v1.0), lot of result, is not easy find the correct target if you not know other;

If you search "Alex Kenji My Oscar".....(title v1.1), much more result, is not easy find the correct target if you not know other;

With this scripts, you only see the release (album) of the track, but if you don't know? You can't decided correct album.

The album is "No Matter What They Say", if you search directly at beatport you understand.

If You search "Alex Kenji No Matter What They Say" (is also a song) the result is perfect, you find also Alex Kenji My Oscar.

Now, i'm newbie of scripting, but yesterday have read the help, and when finished i've read again.

I've write this (part of script for not flood the forum)

say "http://www.beatport.com/track/"
	findinline "<urlName>"
	sayuntil "</"
	say "/"
	gotochar 1
	findinline "<track"
	findinline " id=\""
	sayuntil "\""
	say "|"

Now, if you search "Alex Kenji My Oscar", the result is; Artist, Track, Album, etc....

Whit this i see the name of track (be sure, i know), and than i can knowing where point.

O my good, i would be even happier if i must insert image like you....

However, i reached my target, and i will try to improve my script, and of course.....my english.

You understand? I hope for this, if not, please ask me.....

And many thanks for the time spend for me, and for the script...

i have given you the script to search a title of a song but i only use this when i have a single track and want to relate it to ANY particular album/release.

As ive said before i havent looked too much into parsing just the track. I did with help from pone but i decided why bother when u can tag it to an album just as easy.

But i think i know what you want is to try and get the title AND release on the info page. im not to sure if thats possible and im afraid im not goin to try. Simply because i use the preview link on the bottom left of my above post (see jpeg) to see the album im about to use to tag my song/album. I do hope you were aware of it?

Sorry but i cannot help you any further with this matter. Hope my above workaround is okay for you, cause it is for me.

ok ,thx for all at this time, i've learned what write and when write in a simple script, how read a debug output and how a script is working. Now, i try various possibility for my work of tagging mp3. Thx again for ever for your script, and i hope when i not understand a problem, i can ask in this forum.

The next step is to extract catalog in the info page, when fieldtype is "track"...much hard...

I should like to make one last observation which I think is also relevant. When the title is different from the albun, you nerver find it. This is the only cause for which i've modified you script, for the other part is perfect..

Bye, unusual.