Title not recognized

For quite some time I realize that title entries are often not recognized by mp3tag. I've just updated to v2.97 to make sure I'm not missing anything. I usually utilize 1by1 mp3 player to enter title information and it gets dislayed there as well as in Windows explorer, both in the file list and in the file properties/details. But in mp3tag, the "Title" field remains empty.
How can I fix that?

Hope you can see this picture.
I could also provide a sample mp3 file if that helps.

Check if you have APE tags in the files:
set a filter with
%_tag% HAS APE
The check the settings which tags you read, write and delete in
If you do read but not write APE tags then the APE tags overwrite the display of the V2 and V1 tags. And if APE and the other tags are out of sync then this may be the cause.