Title : remove information in brackets and brackets

Hi ,

I've numerous titles the look similar to this example :

Make My Dreams Come True (Original Recording Remastered)

I wish to remove the following :

(Original Recording Remastered)

yes I've searched but sadly haven't found anything I can comprehend ...


btw , I've solved this in a coluted way by using Bulk Rename Utility ( freeware )


to sort the filenames then mp3tag to transfer filename to tag then using auto number and transferring title back to filename .......

gotta be an easier way .

Using the search words "remove" and "brackets" I found this thread:

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OK , revisiting this and sadly the indicated thread does not help .

there appears to be some information missing from the supplied solution and I'm still unable to acheive my objective :frowning:

I suggested that you use the search function. I did not say that you get a ready-made way but a one of the many ways that in many cases needs a little tweaking.

You may have noticed that your string does not contain "feat."

So leave out the "feat. " if you use the exact example from the linked thread.