Title Search Function

I frequently work with large playlists (hundreds of titles) and I often wish there was a way to search for a specific title and see the results highlighted. I realize there is a filter function, but I want to see the search results within the playlist/file view (similar to Ctrl-F in other applications). Are there any plans to add this feature, or is there already a way to accomplish this?

If you filter for something special then
select the file
remove the filter,
the selected file stays selected and the files list scrolls to a section where the seleted file can be seen.

Thank you, yes, I know this is a workaround, but a search function using just a keyboard shortcut would be very handy.

This wouldn't work for any tag fields that are currently not displayed. So there could be many instances when you want to execute this search function that would not show files that actually have the criteria you are looking for.

You mean like F3 to enable/disable the filter?

Personally, I would only be searching for words/titles that are in the visible tag fields. Yes, using F3 is getting a bit closer to what I was looking for, so if that is the extent to what can be done, then it is what it is. Thanks.