Title sorting

Unless i'm missing something, it appears that the "title" column will not sort (ascending or descending) when I click on it. I'm using version 2.51 :rolleyes:

Here Mp3tag version v2.51 runs on a Win XP system, there is no problem with sorting in the Mp3tag list view.
In your case ... maybe all fields within this column have the same value?
And you got the impression of not sorting?
Maybe the column definition for this column is corrupt?


could you check whether you have ticked "Sort numerical" for the title column? (Also it may be an indication if the title is aligned right instead of left)

Thanks to both of you. I right-clicked on the "title" heading to customize and found that the "sort by" option had a %...% paramater that was set to a field that was not being displayed. I cleared the parameter and all works just fine. Thanks again for your comments.

Thanks to all of you -- I was having "issues" sorting by title ... now all is right ...

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