Title-tags from Amazon: selecting a subset

I've got a bunch of albums to tag, all part of a 60-cd set. I want to tag them one at a time. When I use Amazon as a source, it finds the 60-cd set, and lists all the titles of all 60 constituent cds, 840 titles altogether. How do I select the particular group of titles pertaining to the current cd? I can highlight them, but it seems to have no effect. Whatever I do, the titles that are copied into the tags are always derived from the earliest titles in the entire list. (In other words, if I'm trying to tag an album with 12 tracks, and the correct titles are #40 through #51 of the big list, it nevertheless uses titles #1 through #12 of the list.)

It's a bit tricky. You can move the files in the right window up and down. They have to be in the same line as the corresponding title at the left.

I have updated the Amazon scripts with better track and disc number tags:

It should make it a little easier.

I've installed the update, but I still can't figure out a practical way to do what I want. (I imagine it could be done the way pone describes, but moving all the files in the right window down, perhaps hundreds of positions, does not seem practical, especially since I don't see a way of determining when they actually line up with the title in the left window.)

Intuitively, it would seem that if I highlight a contiguous group of titles in the left window, they (not the first of the title-list) should be used to tag the files in the right window. Can this not be done without damaging some other capability?

Alternatively, would it be possible to allow either

a) the ability to move titles in the left window (either one, or a group) up or down? This would permit the proper titles to be bubbled to the top.

b) the ability to delete titles from the left window (to delete all the inapplicable ones)?

Yes this process should be better. It's not really feasible with so many cds.

So I suggest a workaround:

Make a new folder with 840 or more "dummy" files.
Take a very small mp3 file and duplicate it or you can even create an empty text file, change the extension to mp3 and duplicate that.

Load all the files and make sure they have no tags. Now tag all of them with Amazon so you have all the tags of the 60 cds on them.

Now you can select the dummy files of the cd that you want to tag.
You can even use a filter [F3] to quickly find them as: discnumber IS 11/60

If the files are selected press Ctrl+C
This copies all the tags to the clipboard.

Finally load your real files, select them and press Ctrl+V so the new tags are written on them.
(Make sure the files are in the same order before you paste the tags.)

An interesting suggestion! Yes, I can see how to do it this way, and though it's a bit cumbersome, it would be controllable, and not unduly error-prone. I'll give it a try.