Title to Exactly Match Filename

Sorry, I do not know anything about scripting but I am seeking some help.

I have been using MP3Tag for years but in its basic content. I wish I knew about some of these capabilities sooner.

Anyway I would like to know if I can create an action that I can select all items in the window and make the title match the filename.

Looking at the forums I have done the following:

Use Convert Filename - Tag to match the filename to Title
Use Action to Match Artist to Album Artist.

If anyone can assist with the match title to filename I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!

See the FAQs on Converters: /t/8016/1

I doubt that the filename and title will always be the same, even after the conversion.
This is due to some illegal characters for filenames even though they do not cause any problems in the TITLE field.
Also, you may experience some strange (known but not unlogical) effects if the TITLE has a / or \ in it.

I dealt with that by coming up with translations

For example
from FILENAME becomes
in TITLE tag [and the other way around]

Of course that required some thinking ahead from me and requires taking those "synonims" [exchangers] into account when adding new actions to my settings [so that for example my two dots will not interfere with three dots or titles with a single dot]

For FILENAME > TITLE way I use an action

For TITLE > FILENAME way I use the "Tag - Filename" icon