title to filename help regarding certain characters

using tag-filename there are a few characters/symbols that don't show up in filename when the title is imported in itunes files (.m4a)

i have found that when i try to import filenames some symbols don't show up and the missing symbol loses its place in filenames

what i want to do is if a title has a symbol that doesn't transfer e.g' /' i would like it to be replaced simply with a '_'

any help would be appreciated thanks

I think that the simplest way is to use the $validate() function.
Enter your preferred composition of field variables but enclose the whole thing (to be sure) or just the %title% (if you are sure) in the $validate() function:
e.g. $validate(%title%,_)

Alternatively, you can devise your own rules with $replace().

And finally: there are characters for / that look like / but are in fact a different character e.g. ⁄

I have solved my issue with replace.

Original    Replacement        Unicode nr        Unicode hex
/            ⁄                8260            U+2044
:            ː                0720            U+02D0
*            •                8226            U+2022
?            ‽                8253            U+203D
"            ″                8243            U+2033
<            ‹                8249            U+2039
>            ›                8250            U+203A
|            │                9474            U+2502
\            ⁞                8286            U+205E

Apart from Backslash () and star (*) the replacement are very similar.

  1. Build filename without losing special characters.


  2. Extract info from filename (restore correct characters).