Title to Filename ?


I am new to MP3tag...have hundreds of CDs that I'm finally converting to MP3 and so far love what MP3tag does!

However, having one difficulty?

After capturing track info from online sources I always get correct track info in the title fields :slight_smile:

Here's my problem: The Filename field will simply read track 1, track 2 and so on...what must I do so the program has matching info for title and filename fields, in other word, I want the actual song names in the filename fields, just like the track field get automatically? So far I've had to write or copy/paste track info into the Title field, not something I want to do for the rest of my collection :wink:

I apologize if this has been covered before?

Thanks for any help,


Look into Convert - Tag - Filename with formatstring %title%


Thanks for your reply, but I'm still confused over this?

Here is my current tag:

%artist% - %album% - $num(%track%,2) - %title%

And this produces the following result which causes me to have to manuallt type and replace the 'track 1' data with the actual song title.

Track 1.mp3 Chance Big Country 01 The Crossing (7-83)

I would prefer that the following be auto-filled once consulting an online tag source.

03 Chance.mp3 Chance Big Country 01 The Crossing (7-83)

Thanks for any help, I know this must be fairly easy once the logic is understood?


Where does "03" in "03 Chance" come from ? Which tag is that ?

Because If i understand it correctly you only have the following tags:
derived from %artist% - %album% - $num(%track%,2) - %title%

%artist% - Big Country
%album% - The Crossing (7-83)
%track% - 01
%title% - Chance

Edit: I looked up the album and 03 is the track number

You want this to be your File name ?
03 Chance.mp3

Then you use
Convert - Tag - File name [ALT 1]
and as formatstring %track% %title%

and as always try it out on a couple of test mp3's.

If I understand correctly ...

This is not a "tag", but a so called "format string", it defines the format resp. structure of a string.

A tag (think of a laundry label) is something called like ID3v1, ID3V2.3, ID3v2.4, APE and so on.
A tag can be appended or prepended to the music data.
A music file can contain different types of tags (often this causes errors and more work).
Different player devices or computer systems may support different tag types.

A tag field is some storage place in a tag.
A tag field has a name, e. g. "TITLE" and a content value, e. g. "This is a title".
To address the content resp. to extract the content of a tag field, Mp3tag uses percent signs around the tag field name (like many other tagging applications too).
So the string "%TITLE%" means: this is a handle or variable name to let the user work with the content of the "TITLE" tag field.

In your case ...
... you have a music file of type MP3: "Track 1.mp3"
... the file contains actually a tag field TITLE: "Chance Big Country 01 The Crossing (7-83)"

You want the filename to be set to the same content as stored in the title tag field?
This is pretty easy:
Use an action "Format value".
Formatstring: %TITLE%

To have this action always at hand, so create an "action group", give it a name of your will, create and setup this single action within the newly created action group. Run this action group against your selected files and Mp3tag will do the programmed step automatically for you.

But ... you gave this example ... to be the new filename ...

Because the file extension ".mp3" is located within the new filename and there seem to be different track numbers, I assume that your proposal is erroneously misspelled, and should be written as:
Filename: "Big Country - The Crossing (7-83) - 03 - Chance.mp3"

If the tag fields within the music file in question got their correct values from a previous process, then you might be able to construct or assemble the filename directly from the tag fields:
Use an action "Format value".
Formatstring: %ARTIST% - %ALBUM% - $num(%TRACK%,2) - %TITLE%

Another easy way to solve the task of renaming the filename from tag field content is:
Use the Mp3tag converter "Tag - Filename" with ...
Formatstring: %ARTIST% - %ALBUM% - $num(%TRACK%,2) - %TITLE%


Just wanted to add a quick thanks for everyone's replies! I got it to work by using the following format string for tag - filename: $num(%track%,2) %title%

Particular thanks to DetLevD!

Absolutely LOVE this program so very powerful once customized to one's needs, will recommend to others.

Regards, BB