Titles Incorrect


Say I do a search for anything in from my music library to tag it...and I'll use Amazon.com to tag, for instance.

I'll do a search for updating my tag information and Amazon finds it perfectly, and so do the other sources...

I select the exact song, complete with year, title, etc. and everything looks perfect. However, as soon as I select it and hit Ok, the title always changes to something else no matter what song I choose.

Stevie Wonder and "Overjoyed" from the Definitive Collection...anytime I choose the "Overjoyed entry, it shows "Fingertips" instead of what I'm selecting. This happens on every single song I try to do searches for.

Any suggestions?

Discogs only saves first entry

There is currently no feature that allows you to chose which title is used - always the first is used.

Note: You can click in the title field and then copy the title that you want to the clipboard.


Yikes...that's kinda hard to believe. I guess I'll be going back to Quintessential Player for my tagging then. That's what I was using before but wanted to see how good this program is.

Kinda stinks. I'm not much for manually typing in songs when you've got so many to go through. :frowning:


Any idea when this feature will be available?

Thanx :slight_smile:


Since v2.35m:

Just drag the titles you want to use to the top...


Another option is to tag ALBUMS in their entirety rather than song by song. Or tag using FreeDB for the title and say iTunes or Walmart etc. for the art.

Being able to sort songs for other souorces like you can FreeDB would be nice but that looks like an entirely different code path