Titles with same exact name not grouping when sorting alphabetically

This has been bugging me for a long time and I finally got around to posting a question about it. This happens to me every once and a while.As you can see in the inserted pic, I have several songs titled "I'm Losing You" but they do not group together even though I go character by character and they are exactly the same! Even the sorting field for Title is the same.
It is not just happening on MP#Tag but also in iTunes. Anybody have any idea what is going on?

Looks like ´ vs. ' to me


From the arrow above the “Title Sort” field, that is what you are using as the criteria, not ”Title” in the screenshot. If you go to the column customizer, what are the exact sort criteria you have for those two columns? For the record, iTunes always uses the sort fields of it has data, then reverts to the natural field if not.

For example, I use this for the sort field.

Thanks! Yes, but if I change it to Title, it does the same thing.

Florian may have the answer! I never use the " ` ". I am not sure why anybody would. I will try to find another instance and confirm. The mystery may be solved.

I would like to add ..

If there are 2 allegedly same field contents that behave differently, if may be a test to select these 2 files and see whether the corresponding field in the tag panel shows the data or switches to <keep>.

If you think that there are more abuses of the accent charactes, then I would filter for them with just entering a plain accent in the filter input box.
Accents hardly ever appear on their own - so the filter would show these files.

This is what the screenshot shows (for 4 files).

I have found that many sources use different versions of characters, even the more reliable ones. I have filtered for each of the below characters and replaced them with the standard single quote for all fields to simplify my library.
‘ ' ’ ` have all been changed to ‘
“ " ” have all been changed to “
You may also need to watch for others, I have even had a case where a simple dash used a strange character.

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Unfortunately, even MusicBrainz write in one of the style guides:

Use of basic ASCII punctuation characters such as ' and " is allowed, but typographically-correct punctuation (such as ’ for the English apostrophe) is preferred.

There are people manually changing every occurence of such an ' with ’
See also Apostrophe - #11 by Freso - Style - MetaBrainz Community Discourse

At MB they call it "typographically correct Hyphen-minus"
See the discussion.

That is exactly what I did, but I have to add the " `` " to " " " in my clean up action that deletes all white spaces, performs case corrections, etc. Now this problem will go away. Thanks Florian for figuring this out for me!

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