TiVo Metadata

I would like to edit the metadata for videos I have created on my tivo.
Has anyone had any success with this that might be able provide me with some information. Does mp3tag have any plans to add this functionality?


This is something the guys over at the Tivo forums have been trying to find for a long time. Unfortunately, the spec for the .tivo headers has never been published, and I'm not aware of anyone who has taken the time to reverse engineer it. Closest that has come is VideoRedo, which will allow you to remove a .tivo header, then edit the underlying mpeg, and then reattach the header. But no changing it.

Ultimately, I suspect this is beyond the scope of mp3tag (defering as always to Florian), but it would be cool to find a program someday that lets one do this.

Yes, it's indeed not possible with Mp3tag.