i need to get mp3tag to add the track length as a tag.

My ripping program adds a id3v2 'TLEN' tag . Is there a way to get mp3tag to add this to the mp3?
It knows the track length anyway but i cant find how to save that information to the 'TLEN' tag.


This should be possible with an action Format value for the LENGTH field.

great thanks. that worked. i created a 'format value' action for extended field 'LENGTH'. This action created the TLEN tag and added the correct value.

Although i wanted it in milliseconds not seconds so i added a function to it to multiply the %_length_seconds% x 1000.
Looks like this:

Format Value "LENGTH": $mul(%_length_seconds%,1000)

Also, what was initially confusing me was the columns in the main window. there is no way to tell by looking which columns are actually read from tags and which are derived from other sources eg filesize, length etc. So i added another column by right clicking on the colum bar and selecting 'customise columns' and added a new one for the '%length% tag. Now i can see my TLEN value from the actual mp3 tag.