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I am a new French user of MP3tag (I used to use TAGSCANNER),

I am tagging my albums, and I have a small problem, I would like to know how to move in artists all the people after the feat. in involved people.

I've already seen on the forum some people talking about it, you gave them some solutions but when we go on this thread Tag Tracks With Multiple Artists - #13 by chinesealbumart. it doesn't work?

You could try an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: %artist%
Target string: %artist% feat. %involvedpeople%

Please note that the target string is fairly tricky as it has to match exactly the case and spelling that is present in the tag data.

Thank you very much, it works, but in the box "involved people".

is it normal that the artist "involved people" there is " :;"

source : Zaho feat. Tayc
target : lnvolved people : Tayc : ;

In which "box" do you see that

And what does the original data look like?

Also see the documentation on INVOLVEDPEOPLE:

I created it in the bar on the left in the attached photo "customize",

2023-01-31 21_08_30-Mp3tag v3.19  -  F__Qobuz_A VERIFIER_Gims_

and I created in tag panel (attached 2nd photo)

2023-01-31 21_21_28-Edit field...

but I didn't see anything except the title

Apparently, a little magic is involved for that field.
Have you checked the linked description of the field?
You have to define the data as described there - and apparently, you have not followed the notes:
Notes Role1:Person1;Role2:Person2; … e.g., Drums:Jamie Graham;

I have read and reread the doc, but I don't understand anything at all

Does "Tayc" match the pattern

MP3tag adds the colon and the semicolon to get proper syntax for the field.
You have supplied just 1 word which obviously does not match Role1:Person1;
You would have to do some post-processing and expand the data in the field to something like:

The InvolvedPeople field requires some additional details to describe the role they had in the performance of that song. If you don’t have this info, you may want to consider appending these performers instead into the Artist field, with some unique separator character.

This would also mean most players will now display these additional names as Artist is typically a field that is used. There aren’t many players that natively display the InvolvedPeople field.

If there is only 1 featured artist you could use a self-defined field as temporary help-tag instead of post-processing.
Move the feat. artist to %featured_artists% with the change of the format string to
%artist% feat. %featured_artists%.
After all your files are treated you could mark all files with a featured artist with the same role. In most cases this should be a singer.
Then use the Converter Tag->Tag (which gives you a preview) of the result:

Format string: Vocals:%featured_artists%

If there are other featured artists than "singer" you have to change "Vocals" in the format string to another role. (i.e. Guitar:, Mandolin;Keyboards...).

Later you can delete your help-tagfield. (FEATURED_ARTISTS)

Hello @poster @MotleyG,

I thank you for your post, in fact, it looks super complicated so I will stay as I did before, ie to make an action that transfers me the artists after the "feat." in the title ().

Anyway it's very nice of you to answer.

Now I prepare a new post, to make a presentation for forums in bbcode.

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