To use the engine of itunes (gracenote cddb)

I wanted to know if exists a source with the engine that uses itunes, wich is gracenote cddb. I am interested in it because in itunes the composer shows the name and the surname, and in AMG only the surname appears.

Thank you

Using Gracenote is not possible because of their EULA which requires that Gracenote is the only CD information source used and that their icon is displayed during a query process (at least this was the case last time I checked).

is this still the case? I would love something like Winamps Auto Tag into this program would make it worth donating some money to the Developers

Not bring up a dead threat, but given Sony's ownership of Gracenote (aka CDDB), we should consider that any route to this data that doesn't put money in their (Sony's) pockets is profoundly unlikely to happen at any time between now and the time that Hell freezes over.