tool for FLAC-->MP3 conversion

I've been using Foobar2000 to handle the FLAC to MP3 conversion, but I'm finding some of the tags I want aren't supported, e.g. RELEASETIME to ID3's TDRL, media TMED, trackid UFID.

I've also noticed that I have to change quite a few of MP3Tag's default mappings in order to get the ID3 tags converted properly (e.g. CONTENT GROUP rather than CONTENTGROUP, COMPILATION, TORY, all the SORT ones. . .)

So I'm looking for a different tool for this specific job - I realize I could script something myself, but would prefer a canned tool - CLI or GUI's fine, main features are large batches at a time, and as many tags as possible, ideally using MP3Tag's fieldnames, cover art, maybe even lyrics would be nice but not that important at this point.

If it turns out that one of the other "player / management" tools does this particularly well that'd be great, but am wary of letting other apps (than Picard and MP3Tag) mess with my personal tagging standards.

JJ pointed out Robin Bowes', but I'd prefer something (more) actively maintained.

Is 'CONTENT GROUP' a foobar invention? Other that foobar's 'ALBUM ARTIST', I don't think I've seen another application insert a space into a FLAC field name.

I'm surprised that you find COMPILATION or any of the sort fields don't map correctly to ID3v2. Pretty much all of them are iTunes inventions, so I can't imagine other applications inventing their own. Or is the problem with the names of the FLAC fields that you're converting?

Should be:


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Very little, if anything has changed as far as tagging standards in the last few years. ID3v2.4 is twelve years old. The script either works for you or it doesn't. And since it is a script, I would think that it should be simple even for a non-programmer to change or add additional field mappings.

Ah, I think I read that incorrectly. You're saying foobar2000 isn't mapping some fields, not Mp3tag.

Have you tried dbpoweramp music converter? The converter is free.

Yes, my take is that the FB2K developers appear to enjoy following their own ideas, and only bend their principles in the interest of cross-app compatibility when forced to by overwhelming market share. "COMPILATION" in their case is "ITUNESCOMPILATION" as a good example.

My interim solution is to replace my use of MP3Tag's mapping feature, which "hard codes" the app-specific field labels, with paired Action groups, in this case "FB2Kon" and "FB2Koff", which in effect rename the relevant fields before and after doing a conversion run.

This is fine for handling those fields that are supported but just have different names, but I'm still frustrated by FB2K's lack of support for a few fields I'd really like to see converted to their ID3 equivalents, e.g. TDRL, UFID, not to mention coverart (but that's low-priority for me)

Thanks for the reminder. I've been resisting just out of principle, as I vastly prefer working with open-source tools whenever possible, or at least freeware with a decent community of support like MP3Tags. If I consistently hear that a commercial/shareware tool is really head-and-shoulders superior to the point that it's indispensable then I'll consider using them, but will go to a surprising amount of effort to kludge workarounds together to avoid them if at all possible.

But I'll probably knuckle down and check it out if the non-maintenance of the "robin script" you mentioned proves to be irrelevant.

Thanks again for responding, and if others can suggest any other appropriate tools that would be appreciated.