tool for wave pad editor (NCH Software)


I am following the setup steps of the Tools menu to open the selected file in the Wave PadSound Editor software (NCH Software) and I can not. I only have to open the program, but I do not load the song for its edition.

I tested with commands

/ add "% _filename_ext%" and I get a warning that does not find the file but it is

Help! Thanks!!


Estoy siguiendo los pasos de configuracion del menu herramientas para abrir el archivo seleccionado en el software Wave PadSound Editor (NCH Software) y no puedo. Solo llevo a abrir el programa, pero no me carga la cancion para su edicion.

He probado con los comandos

/ add "%_filename_ext%" y me sale un aviso que no encuentra el fichero pero si esta
/ load......
/ play....

Ayuda! Gracias!

Does this program know the current path of the file?
could be worthwhile to be tested.

I don't use this software but I had a look at the website
and I can not see a parameter "/add".
As far as I understand the ducumentary to open a file it is only necessary to use
wavepad.exe [file(s) to edit]
So it should only be necessary to write "C:\Program Files\NCH Software\WavePad\wavepad.exe" to the path-field and to write %_path% to the parameter-field.

Also there is a remark: "Note: This feature is only available in WavePad Master's Edition."

Thank you!

I have the master version of that program. I have tested the parameter:
% _path%
% _filename_ext%

and I only get the program to open, but it does not load the track because it says it can not be found

Some more idea?


PD: Can a keyboard shortcut be assigned to each configured tool?


Yo tengo la versiĆ³n master de ese programa. he probado el parametro:

y solo consigo que se abra el programa, pero no carga la pista porque dice que no la encuentra

Alguna idea mas?


pd: Se puede asignar un atajo de teclado para cada herramienta configurada?

Hi Sparky,

could you first clearify the exact syntax for a command line call for that program that you intend to use?
You then tell us what it looks like and the forum will most likely help you to map that to a tools call.
The current approach is absolutely pointless as it features only trial and error as technique - and this could go on forever.


Sorry for my English, I'm using a translator.

What I intend is that when using the mp3tag tool open me and load the song in the WavePad software for your edition.

Effectively I can only use the trial and error technique because I do not handle programming language.


I just got it !!!

The command is / edit "% _filename_ext%"

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Another question, can you assign a keyboard shortcut to this tool in mp3tag?

I found it! is CTRL + 1