Tool in Mp3Tag to call an URL in a Streaming Service

I would like to use an MP3Tag tool to access an Apple Music album in the Chrome browser in the most direct way.

The indirect way via the Google search (Google....) with the addition of the parameters for artist and album works of course. The search finds the corresponding album at the top of the list of results and I can display the album in the browser by clicking on the result.

However, I'm wondering if there would be a direct way to pass the correct URL to Chrome right away? I can't imagine it at the moment, because I would have to create the connection made by the search to the ID of the corresponding album myself, right?

Do you already have/know "the ID of the corresponding album" locally?

No. I don't have this ID in the tags.

How do you think Mp3tag could

if you don't have this ID?

I don't see any way to execute the search first by artist and album, then parse the result from Google automagically and then execute a second "direct" URL for that.

Theoretically, you could write a batch file or external tool to do that and call this external software from Mp3tag. I'm not sure, if the accuracy would be sufficient.