Tool-"Open files in Windows Explorer" fails with long filesystem paths

In the past, the commonly suggested method to open files in Windows Explorer was the Tool described here.
However, that Tool does not work for long file paths (length > 259 characters).

Now that Mp3tag supports long paths (ver 2.88f), maybe it should open files in Explorer natively, without users having to create a Tool.

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Seems like Windows Explorer doesn't support long paths as parameters.

Right, that was my understanding. :slightly_frowning_face:

But Windows Explorer will open to files with long names if their 8dot3 names are used as parameters.
However, that requires that 8dot3 names have been created by the file system: that may not be true on any particular users computer.

I was trying to encourage you to find some method that could become native to Mp3tag. :wink:

Here's my work-around:

It would be more elegant if the quick opening and closing of the command window could be avoided.