Toolbar icons are extremely small on 15” 4K laptop screen

Hi Florian, I know this subject has been done already however it is an ongoing (minor) issue for me. I have upodated software to current v3.11. I am using a Lenovo Yoga 920 with 4K screen. I have tried scaling to vaious different settings with little success. Currently set to "lett Windows Manage" which works for mostly all software. Can this be changed via a hack to force MP3Tag to set the interface to a more usable scale? Thanks.

4K on 15"? This is madness

Is Mp3tag the only software giving you trouble with its tiny elements?

Hi there,

It is the only software I am having this issue with on my Lenovo Yoga 920.


So... something as easy as

Setting > Ease Of Access > Display > Make everything bigger > Change the size of aps and text on the main display > 150%

does not help?

Have you tried tampering with the usage of Winaero. I gives access to many more [old] options. [But it is easy to mess up the system with it - so doing a backup image first would be strongly advised here]