Toolbar icons are extremely small on 15” 4K laptop screen

Hi Florian, I know this subject has been done already however it is an ongoing (minor) issue for me. I have upodated software to current v3.11. I am using a Lenovo Yoga 920 with 4K screen. I have tried scaling to vaious different settings with little success. Currently set to "lett Windows Manage" which works for mostly all software. Can this be changed via a hack to force MP3Tag to set the interface to a more usable scale? Thanks.

4K on 15"? This is madness

Is Mp3tag the only software giving you trouble with its tiny elements?

Hi there,

It is the only software I am having this issue with on my Lenovo Yoga 920.


So... something as easy as

Setting > Ease Of Access > Display > Make everything bigger > Change the size of aps and text on the main display > 150%

does not help?

Have you tried tampering with the usage of Winaero. I gives access to many more [old] options. [But it is easy to mess up the system with it - so doing a backup image first would be strongly advised here]

My laptop is already set to that resolution.

I did the first part of this and it helped.

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These are before and after shots. (in the wrong order above but you get it).

New laptop, 17" 4K. Had the same issue, tried this, it worked great.

Thanks for the tip!

I also moved all my settings use the Save>Config process. Anything else I should be doing to migrate to a new laptop?