Toolbar is far to small

Most Computer screens have 1920 pixels across but the Tool Bar icons are so small.

To see all the meta data fields I know you require small text but having to deal with a "Tiny Tool Bar Font" is just not required!... Unless I've missed an option to increase its size? There also doesn't even seem to be "Tool Tips" when you hover your mouse over them!

Please make them larger with names to the right or below (as an option) as all the tiny curved pointing arrows are just unnecessarily confusing. Remember new users are trying to figure your interface and you are making it hard!

Yeah, what a pity that you complain about missing features that are already there.
There are tooltips - and they are generated by the underlying OS. So please ask Microsoft whether they could display them in a bigger font.

I also have a screen

and I don't have any problems to see the toolbar.
So perhaps a trip to the Windows settings for the screen magnifier would be worthwhile.
All the functions from the toolbar are also available via keyboard shortcut or via the menus.
So if it is too hard for you to hit the toolbar or to modify your system settings, then it may be an idea to interact with MP3tag via these means.

If you want to contribute to discussions about the functions and the layout about the toolbar, I would like to ask you to use the forum search function as there are numerous threads that deal with the topic of the toolbar.
e.g. here: